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tr.v. e·man·ci·pat·ed, e·man·ci·pat·ing, e·man·ci·pates
1. To free from bondage, oppression, or restraint; liberate.
2. Law To release (a child) from the control of parents or a guardian.

[Latin ēmancipāre, ēmancipāt- : ē-, ex-, ex- + mancipāre, to sell, transfer (from manceps, mancip-, purchaser; see man- in Indo-European roots).]

e·man′ci·pa′tive, e·man′ci·pa·to′ry (-pə-tôr′ē) adj.
e·man′ci·pa′tor n.
References in classic literature ?
Now, if this mood continue, I shall have less difficulty in emancipating my affections from her soft yet unrelenting sway; and, though Mrs.
Maryland currently does not have a judicial process for emancipating minors but it comes up in family law cases where child support is an issue, according to Dumais.
Talking to a delegation of Sukkur Youth at his residence on Thursday, he said that PPP was a party of every strata of the society which believed in emancipating the downtrodden population of Pakistan and for this reason whenever the party came in to power, it created employment opportunities for youth.
PPP is a party of every strata of the society which believes in emancipating the down trodden population of Pakistan and for this reason whenever party comes to power it creates employment opportunities for youth,' he added.
The court fight began after the parents obtained a March 2013 consent order emancipating their then 21-year-old daughter.
Life Skills and Parenting Services for youth emancipating from placement or foster care and transitioning into independent living.
Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men, second edition
Michel Bruneau (author); THE EMANCIPATING DEATH OF A BORING ENGINEER; CePages Press (Fiction: Literary) 14.
Minutes of May 21, 2005 LSLI Council Meeting, supra note 89, at 1-2 ("As a matter of policy and by a vote of 14-11, the Council decided that parents should be able to eliminate their vicarious liability for the torts of their minor child by emancipating that child by the forms of 'judicial emancipation' and 'emancipation by marriage.