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tr.v. e·mas·cu·lat·ed, e·mas·cu·lat·ing, e·mas·cu·lates
1. To castrate.
2. To deprive of strength or vigor; weaken.
adj. (-lĭt)
Deprived of virility, strength, or vigor.

[Latin ēmasculāre, ēmasculāt- : ē-, ex-, ex- + masculus, male, diminutive of mās, male, man.]

e·mas′cu·la′tion n.
e·mas′cu·la′tive, e·mas′cu·la·to′ry (-lə-tôr′ē) adj.
e·mas′cu·la′tor n.
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Noun1.emasculation - loss of power and masculinity
effeminacy, effeminateness, sissiness, unmanliness, womanishness, softness - the trait of being effeminate (derogatory of a man); "the students associated science with masculinity and arts with effeminacy"; "Spartans accused Athenians of effeminateness"; "he was shocked by the softness of the atmosphere surrounding the young prince, arising from the superfluity of the femininity that guided him"
2.emasculation - neutering a male animal by removing the testicles
altering, neutering, fixing - the sterilization of an animal; "they took him to the vet for neutering"
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(= weakening)Entkräftung f, → Schwächung f
(lit)Entmannung f, → Kastration f
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[ɪˈmæskjʊˌleɪʃən] nindebolimento
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n. emasculación; castración; mutilación.
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there is no mention of Jake's parents, and in Native Son we learn that Bigger's father was killed in a riot in the South [85], the ultimate act of social emasculation for a black man and Jim Crow lesson for a black son.) Bigger, in particular, is represented as a man in search of a father figure; hence, the black fuhrer is a suitable compensatory image, and the various Depression Era fascisms "simply appealed to him as possible avenues of escape" (130).
In addition, this mutant character could also be used in research as a marker, in crosses without emasculation, because the phenotype can be identified before plant flowering.
Being able to fire people is important for two reasons: 1) to permit you to hire the people you want and to get rid of those you don't want, and 2) to make it possible for you to attract the kind of risk-takers who are repelled by the safe civil service and the political emasculation it entails.
THE Igbo Youth Forum, on Wednesday, warned the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), to stop its emasculation game and release the Chairman of Innoson Motors, Mr Innocent Chukwuma, who was arrested and being investigated by the Capital and Insurance Fraud Unit of the commission's Lagos office.
Hence the cynical marketing of her bust-up with husband Peter Andre who, it's now apparent, only suffered her routine emasculation because he genuinely loves his kids.
In defence, he had adopted a placid, somewhat bourgeois cynicism; he also smouldered with the simple fury of having had his balls cut off and in defiance of his emasculation paced about the place with the slow steps of a tiger: it's a threatening ability in nature to look like you can put down great weight gently.
It's amazing what a bit of emasculation can do to the male psyche.
Albion have gathered ten points from four games while Blues have taken a full 12 from four since their emasculation by Fulham.
By the end of the novel, Fish is still unresolved, remaining psychically suspended between the two worlds of Chris and his father - the former suggesting a model in which the enacting of masculine desire outside the confines of white power hierarchies will end in death, the latter suggesting a perpetual emasculation and what Orlando Patterson has called the "social death" of slavery's legacy.
Labor-intensive hand emasculation and other less suitable means for producing specific hybrids have severely hindered the study of physiological processes in sorghum.
Commenting on the increased urge by youths in the state to leave for greener pastures, Edo State chairman of the PDP, Dan Orbih, said the state has 'witnessed unprecedented hardship and financial emasculation within the last nine successive years of the APC government in the state.
I'm sorry but it looked all wrong, a symbol of the corporatisation and emasculation of football.