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tr.v. em·bel·lished, em·bel·lish·ing, em·bel·lish·es
1. To make beautiful, as by ornamentation; decorate.
2. To add ornamental or fictitious details to: a fanciful account that embellishes the true story.

[Middle English embelishen, from Old French embellir, embelliss- : en-, causative pref.; see en-1 + bel, beautiful (from Latin bellus; see deu- in Indo-European roots).]

em·bel′lish·er n.
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In one place he calls Chaucer "The worshipful father and first founder and embellisher of ornate eloquence in our English." Here, I think, he shows that he was trying to follow the advice of "those honest and great clerks" who told him he should write "the most curious terms" that he could find.
Due to this, every rock musician I know is a performer, composer, improviser, embellisher, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist all-in-one.
Its sleek body lines enhancing its dynamic appearance enable you to stand out from the crowd: new Renault C-shaped signature for front & rear lights, DRL with front LEDS, new front & rear bumpers as well as a new boot door with chrome embellisher driving in style has never been so affordable!
The Donald is an embellisher par excellence, a man who became the consummate exaggerator in order to advance his business.
The model features a new set of lamps mounted on the nudge guard, a glossy black front grille and rear embellisher, gun metal finish alloy wheels, wheel arch and door cladding, new mustard yellow roof rails and skid plates, new Adventura denim interiors with 'zip on and zip off' seat covers, which can be washed.
Yuvna, who was born in Mauritius and now lives in Gosforth, Newcastle, has been designing all her life due to her grandmother's influence as a dressmaker and embellisher.
On the other hand, seeing Christianity primarily in terms of an "embellisher" or "fulfiller" of the indigenous religious beliefs and cultures obscures the uniqueness of Christianity and Nigerian indigenous religions.
This option comprises bespoke suspension tuning, optional 18-inch M light-alloy wheels in double-spoke design, aerodynamically optimised body elements, plus a special design for the BMW kidney grille and an exhaust tailpipe embellisher in high-gloss chrome.Prices start from BD 17,500.For details, call Euro Motors on 17750750.
This option comprises bespoke suspension tuning, optionA[degrees] al 18A[degrees]inch M lightA[degrees]alloy wheels in doubleA[degrees]spoke design, aerodyA[degrees] namically optimised body elements, plus a special design for the BMW kidney grille and an exhaust tailpipe embellisher in highA[degrees] gloss chrome.
The team consists of Vu Nguyen, Master of Fine Arts, Kansas City, MO; Chelsea Baart, The Embellisher, Victoria, BC; Christy Graham, The Abstract Artist, Cincinnati, OH; Jeany Perez, Elegance with an Edge, Lake Mary, FL; Robert Nguyen, Winning Design, Oceanside, CA; and Adela Munoz, Storybook Nails, Fontana, CA.
The engineers at Dyne Technology developed a solution that it says met all three of these key criteria, enabling Wipac to treat the embellisher prior to application of a double sided adhesive tape before fixing it to the rear lighting cluster.