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tr.v. em·bez·zled, em·bez·zling, em·bez·zles
To take (money one has been entrusted with) for personal use.

[Middle English embesilen, from Anglo-Norman enbesiler : Old French en-, intensive pref.; see en-1 + Old French besillier, to ravage.]

em·bez′zle·ment n.
em·bez′zler n.
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Adj.1.embezzled - taken for your own use in violation of a trustembezzled - taken for your own use in violation of a trust; "the banker absconded with embezzled funds"
illegal - prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules; "an illegal chess move"
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If it should turn out that these suspicions are correct, and he has embezzled large sums, he must lie on his bed as he has made it.' And then looking up at Macewen with a nod, and one of his strange smiles: 'Good- bye,' said he, and Macewen, perceiving the case to be too grave for consolation, took himself off, and blessed God on his way home that he was childless.
In the yard, was the man with the shadowy grievance respecting the Fund which the Marshal embezzled, who had got up at five in the morning to complete the copying of a perfectly unintelligible history of that transaction, which he had committed to Mr Dorrit's care, as a document of the last importance, calculated to stun the Government and effect the Marshal's downfall.
It has been confided to him to invest, and he has embezzled it.
So I got #50 in money paid me that same night, and made an end of the bargain; nor did he ever know who I was, or where to inquire for me, so that if it had been discovered that part of the goods were embezzled, he could have made no challenge upon me for it.
One man whom I sent to America made his fortune, but he was not a social democrat; he was a clerk who had embezzled, and who applied to me for assistance under the impression that I considered it rather meritorious to rob the till of a capitalist."
William Dunn, of Main Road, is said to have embezzled the money from Lynda Grant.
McGarry embezzled PS21,000 from Women for Independence in her role as treasurer of the organisation between April 2013 and November 2015.
A 35-year-old man was rearrested in Paphos on Wednesday after new evidence emerged suggesting he had embezzled e1/4122,000.
QUETTA -- The National Accountability Bureau Balochistan on Wednesday handed over a cheque of rupees 7,4 million to the Secretary Finance Noor ul Haq Baloch embezzled from Education and Manpower departments.
Islamabad -- The Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (Erra) officials have allegedly embezzled income tax money of rupees 1.31b received from construction firms.
Khawaja Salman allegedly embezzled Rs230 million of the subsidy provided in new Dawood Agri farms and Sajawal agri farms.
The accused did not return the amounts he embezzled to the hotel, the manager told the prosecutor.- Alamy Image