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tr.v. em·bla·zoned, em·bla·zon·ing, em·bla·zons
a. To adorn (a surface) with a prominent marking, such as a logo or heraldic symbol: emblazon a doorway with a coat of arms.
b. To inscribe (a prominent marking, such as a logo or heraldic symbol) on a surface: emblazon a cross on a banner.
2. To make resplendent with brilliant colors.
3. To make illustrious; celebrate: emblazoning a heroine's deeds in song.

em·bla′zon·er n.
em·bla′zon·ment n.
References in classic literature ?
When that window was wrought, my noble friend, our hardy fathers knew not the art of making glass, or of staining it The pride of Wolfganger's father brought an artist from Normandy to adorn his hall with this new species of emblazonment, that breaks the golden light of God's blessed day into so many fantastic hues.
It included emblems and emblazonments made for European and American merchants, as well as traditional Chinese emblazonment.