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n. pl. em·bo·lies
The formation of a gastrula from a blastula by invagination.

[Greek embolē, insertion, from emballein, to insert; see emblem.]


n, pl -lies
(Biology) another name for invagination3
[C19: from Greek embolē an insertion, from emballein to throw in; see emblem]
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The field is completed by two more French-breds in Embole, who is tried in a hood after racing keenly when third at Newcastle, and Esprit De Somoza.
The 'ata'/[rho]o[gamma][alpha] was payable in gold, while the rizq/[rho]o[upsilon][zi][iota][kappa]ov was a ration of wheat paid from the embole, the Byzantine wheat tax that persisted throughout the early Umayyad period.
1349, 1357, 1373; The embole is referenced in P.Lond.IV.