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n. pl. em·bo·lies
The formation of a gastrula from a blastula by invagination.

[Greek embolē, insertion, from emballein, to insert; see emblem.]
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n, pl -lies
(Biology) another name for invagination3
[C19: from Greek embolē an insertion, from emballein to throw in; see emblem]
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These include stretching of the papillary muscles with ballooning prolapse of mitral leaflets (27), mechanical stimulation of the endocardium by thickened chordate (28), coronary emboly caused by accumulation of platalets and fibrin as a result of endocardial friction (29), autonomic dysfunction (30,31) and repolarization changes characterized by prolongation in QT interval and increase in QT dispersion (7-9).
The most significant limitation of the usage of argon plasma system is a possible danger of emboly by argon [27].
Gastrulation occurs by emboly, epiboly, or some combination of the two (Casteel, 1904; Thompson, 1958; Gohar and Soliman, 1967a, b; Soliman, 1978).