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 (ĕm-bôs′, -bŏs′)
tr.v. em·bossed, em·boss·ing, em·boss·es
1. To mold or carve in relief: emboss a design on a coin.
2. To decorate with or as if with a raised design: emboss leather.
3. To adorn; decorate.
4. To cover with many protuberances; stud: "The whole buoy was embossed with barnacles" (Herman Melville).

[Middle English embosen, from Old French embocer : en-, in; see en-1 + boce, knob.]

em·boss′er n.
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1. (Art Terms) to mould or carve (a decoration or design) on (a surface) so that it is raised above the surface in low relief
2. to cause to bulge; make protrude
[C14: from Old French embocer, from em- + boce boss2]
emˈbosser n
emˈbossment n
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(ɛmˈbɔs, -ˈbɒs)

1. to raise (designs) from a surface; represent in relief.
2. to decorate (a surface) with raised ornament.
3. to raise a design on (a blank) with dies of similar pattern, one the negative of the other.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Middle French embocer=em- em-1 + -bocer, derivative of boce boss2]
em•boss′a•ble, adj.
em•boss′er, n.
em•boss′ment, n.
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Past participle: embossed
Gerund: embossing

I emboss
you emboss
he/she/it embosses
we emboss
you emboss
they emboss
I embossed
you embossed
he/she/it embossed
we embossed
you embossed
they embossed
Present Continuous
I am embossing
you are embossing
he/she/it is embossing
we are embossing
you are embossing
they are embossing
Present Perfect
I have embossed
you have embossed
he/she/it has embossed
we have embossed
you have embossed
they have embossed
Past Continuous
I was embossing
you were embossing
he/she/it was embossing
we were embossing
you were embossing
they were embossing
Past Perfect
I had embossed
you had embossed
he/she/it had embossed
we had embossed
you had embossed
they had embossed
I will emboss
you will emboss
he/she/it will emboss
we will emboss
you will emboss
they will emboss
Future Perfect
I will have embossed
you will have embossed
he/she/it will have embossed
we will have embossed
you will have embossed
they will have embossed
Future Continuous
I will be embossing
you will be embossing
he/she/it will be embossing
we will be embossing
you will be embossing
they will be embossing
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been embossing
you have been embossing
he/she/it has been embossing
we have been embossing
you have been embossing
they have been embossing
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been embossing
you will have been embossing
he/she/it will have been embossing
we will have been embossing
you will have been embossing
they will have been embossing
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been embossing
you had been embossing
he/she/it had been embossing
we had been embossing
you had been embossing
they had been embossing
I would emboss
you would emboss
he/she/it would emboss
we would emboss
you would emboss
they would emboss
Past Conditional
I would have embossed
you would have embossed
he/she/it would have embossed
we would have embossed
you would have embossed
they would have embossed
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Verb1.emboss - raise in a relief; "embossed stationery"
block - stamp or emboss a title or design on a book with a block; "block the book cover"
imprint, impress - mark or stamp with or as if with pressure; "To make a batik, you impress a design with wax"
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[ɪmˈbɒs] VT [+ metal, leather] → repujar; [+ paper] → gofrar, estampar (en relieve)
embossed with the royal armscon el escudo real en relieve
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vt metal, leatherprägen; silk, velvetgaufrieren; the cover is embossed with his namesein Name ist auf den Einband aufgeprägt
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[ɪmˈbɒs] vt (metal) → lavorare a sbalzo; (leather, paper) → imprimere in rilievo, goffrare
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References in classic literature ?
By her help I also now Make this churlish place allow Something that may sweeten gladness In the very gall of sadness-- The dull loneness, the black shade, That these hanging vaults have made The strange music of the waves Beating on these hollow caves, This black den which rocks emboss, Overgrown with eldest moss, The rude portals that give light More to terror than delight, This my chamber of neglect
He is caparisoned in the most dashing and fantastic style; the bridles and crupper are weightily embossed with beads and cockades; and head, mane, and tail, are interwoven with abundance of eagles' plumes, which flutter in the wind.
Behind them soldiers and officers bore a large, dark-faced icon with an embossed metal cover.
A goodly sword hung at his side, its scabbard all embossed with tilting knights and weeping ladies.
Slumkey--that Slumkey whom we, long before he gained his present noble and exalted position, predicted would one day be, as he now is, at once his country's brightest honour, and her proudest boast: alike her bold defender and her honest pride-- our reptile contemporary, we say, has made himself merry, at the expense of a superbly embossed plated coal-scuttle, which has been presented to that glorious man by his enraptured constituents, and towards the purchase of which, the nameless wretch insinuates, the Honourable Mr.
On it and in it and rising through it, as wrecks lift through the sand, were jewelled elephant-howdahs of embossed silver, studded with plates of hammered gold, and adorned with carbuncles and turquoises.
From beneath the flap of an enormous pocket of a soiled vest of embossed silk, heavily ornamented with tarnished silver lace, projected an instrument, which, from being seen in such martial company, might have been easily mistaken for some mischievous and unknown implement of war.
'Anything!' said the Emperor, standing up in his Imperial robes, which he had himself put on, and fastening on his sword richly embossed with gold.
Some fragments of past splendor appeared here and there upon the walls of this modest lodging; a sword, for example, richly embossed, which belonged by its make to the times of Francis I, the hilt of which alone, encrusted with precious stones, might be worth two hundred pistoles, and which, nevertheless, in his moments of greatest distress Athos had never pledged or offered for sale.
Gay was he, indeed, as Robin had said, and a fine figure he cut, for his doublet was of scarlet silk and his stockings also; a handsome sword hung by his side, the embossed leathern scabbard being picked out with fine threads of gold; his cap was of scarlet velvet, and a broad feather hung down behind and back of one ear.
The brilliancy of her eyes, the superb arch of her eyebrows, her well-formed aquiline nose, her teeth as white as pearl, and the profusion of her sable tresses, which, each arranged in its own little spiral of twisted curls, fell down upon as much of a lovely neck and bosom as a simarre of the richest Persian silk, exhibiting flowers in their natural colours embossed upon a purple ground, permitted to be visible all these constituted a combination of loveliness, which yielded not to the most beautiful of the maidens who surrounded her.
Then there had been the pleasurable excitement of choosing a showy grey stepper for May's brougham (the Wellands had given the carriage), and the abiding occupation and interest of arranging his new library, which, in spite of family doubts and disapprovals, had been carried out as he had dreamed, with a dark embossed paper, Eastlake book-cases and "sincere" arm-chairs and tables.