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 (ĕm-bôs′, -bŏs′)
tr.v. em·bossed, em·boss·ing, em·boss·es
1. To mold or carve in relief: emboss a design on a coin.
2. To decorate with or as if with a raised design: emboss leather.
3. To adorn; decorate.
4. To cover with many protuberances; stud: "The whole buoy was embossed with barnacles" (Herman Melville).

[Middle English embosen, from Old French embocer : en-, in; see en-1 + boce, knob.]

em·boss′er n.
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Completed ahead of schedule, the Livingston site is now the key holographic manufacturing site in Europe for API, providing packaging customers with decorative holographic foils and films from three separate coating lines and a seamless embosser.
The software converts the on screen content into braille dots which can then be "printed" using an embosser.
The Braille text included in the artist book was embossed using a 25-year-old Juliet classic embosser manufactured by Enabling Technologies, driven by a PC using the Duxbury Braille translation software produced by Duxbury Systems.
Eight gifts are available, including the Fantastic Four cross body backpack, The Thing cloberring arm embosser, and the Mr Fantastic pencil topper, among others.
In order to be directly accessible as an audio-tactile, a smart figure must be printable to an embosser that can produce an acceptable tactile copy (or at some future date, be displayable as a useful haptic onscreen image).
The Cricut Cuttlebug, an embosser and die-cutter, is part of Provo Craft's Cricut line of electronic cutting machines.
For the diverse range of products that have been run on the bagger, an extensive range of options have been developed and are available such as: bag shaker, embosser, foot pedal for semi-automatic operation, heavy bag support, a vacuum pull back assembly to square the bag, and weigh bucket with controls.
The police also seized a specially designed Embosser machine manufactured in France and used by the duo to clone the cards.
First, an embosser had to be created that could accept a symbol from a computer and convert that symbol into an embossable pattern of dots corresponding to a braille character.
Since Cwmbran-based Pia installed the first Braille embosser of its kind in the UK, increased demand for Braille printed material from customers including government and public bodies, banks, building societies and trade unions has already seen a rise in turnover.
a four-year-old builder of custom pullers, cutters, and other downstream machinery for PVC profiles, has introduced a random embosser for hollow fence and rail profiles.