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 (ĕm-bo͝or′zhwäz-mənt, äN-bûrzh-wäz-mäN′)
Conversion to bourgeois values, loyalties, or tastes.

[French, from bourgeois, bourgeois; see bourgeois.]
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(French ɑ̃burʒwazmɑ̃)
(Sociology) the process of becoming middle-class; the assimilation into the middle class of traditionally working-class people
[from French, from en-1 + bourgeois1]
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(ɑ̃ˌbʊər ʒwɑzˈmɑ̃, ˌɛm bʊərˈʒwɑz mənt)
the adoption of middle-class values.
[1935–40; < French equiv. to s'embourgeois(er) to become bourgeois]
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Gramsci saw the De Sanctis-Croce relationship in terms of embourgeoisement:
Although internal antagonism based on race (color) and class existed between the free (creole) Blacks and gens de couleur, I group them together under the nomenclature, Affranchis, to highlight the fact that their interpellation and embourgeoisement via the ideological apparatuses of the West rendered their practical consciousnesses identical even though there were racial/color (based on phenotype, not ideology) tensions between them (racial tensions, which still plaques Haiti today).
The concentration of economic and bureaucratic power in the hands of Afrikaners in this period played a decisive role in the embourgeoisement of Afrikaners ..." (Terreblanche 2002: 304).
This development continued earlier moves, such as the "Jewish Home Beautiful" movement that started in the 1930s, and was part and parcel of the ongoing embourgeoisement of American Jewry and its adoption of middle-class aesthetic tastes.
(15) Alongside embourgeoisement there were increasing appeals to a Russian heroic-romantic past, discussed in detail below.
Il motivo per rievocare quell'omaggio a Manlio Rossi-Doria e questo: volli suggerire per primo che la civilta contadina fu in alcuni aspetti particolari (figure agricole miste, clientelismo rurale, gara per l'onore, segregazione delle donne) una risposta assai razionale al liberalismo, un aggiustamento piu ttosto intelligente ed intelligibile aile nuove incertezze conseguenti al grande movimento di embourgeoisement europeo dell 'Ottocento: fu, in breve, di origine recente.
Perhaps it is important to make the banal point that the general concepts of embourgeoisement and consumerism manifest in specific ways in different contexts and temporal eras.
A caricature of the latter appears in the form of "negro cow-sissies / who dig tchaikovsky & / the beatles & live in / split-level homes & had / split-level minds & babies." Emasculation, "white" music, embourgeoisement: these are the qualities the speaker would reject with a long blow of Trane's horn.
By the 1940s, however, its much ballyhooed disdain for commercial success had softened, and its management was imposing what Ethan Mordden terms "an embourgeoisement upon nonconformist theatre" by catering
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