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tr. & intr.v. em·brit·tled, em·brit·tling, em·brit·tles
To make or become brittle.

em·brit′tle·ment n.


archaic to make or become brittle


(ɛmˈbrɪt l)

v. -tled, -tling. v.t.
1. to make brittle.
2. to become brittle.
em•brit′tle•ment, n.
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Verb1.embrittle - make brittle
alter, change, modify - cause to change; make different; cause a transformation; "The advent of the automobile may have altered the growth pattern of the city"; "The discussion has changed my thinking about the issue"
devitrify - make (glassy materials) brittle or opaque
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Films don't embrittle with time as do traditional solutions, and Estane ALR series aliphatic TPU is also fully recyclable.
Aging affects asphalt pavement in many ways and makes it embrittle, of reduced damage tolerance and less durable.
At high temperatures they can embrittle or melt, while cold temperatures can cause them to harden and stiffen."
Cleaners run at 70[degrees]C to 95[degrees]C may require CPVC, yet some new high-alkaline cleaners tend to embrittle CPVC compounds.
(2007) added some spinal additions >2.5 vol.%, the additional crack initiation sites associated with the brittle particles embrittle the molybdenum and hinder the ductilizing grain size effect, resulting in a decrease in ductility beyond 2.5 vol.% spinel.
However, when C[O.sub.2] is released from an operating C[O.sub.2] infrastructure accidently, the resulting J-T effect will cool the structure in contact with the escaping C[O.sub.2] and, if it is made of steel as is highly likely, can embrittle it.
Soft materials, such as chewable tablets, that can only be milled with the addition of dry ice to embrittle them require specialized equipment.
Above that, they will embrittle and cease to function as intended.
Masterseal 6100 FX is highly durable so will not embrittle or shrink and crack due to low temperature -- an important improvement with regards to security, quality, and costs, as reworking will become needless.
This combination of gases produces a corrosive by-product that causes lesser pressure sensor technologies to embrittle and fail during the refining process of oil and gas.