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tr. & intr.v. em·brit·tled, em·brit·tling, em·brit·tles
To make or become brittle.

em·brit′tle·ment n.
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the act of making or becoming brittle
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Gulenko, "Radiation embrittlement modelling in multi-scale approach to brittle fracture of RPV steels," International Journal of Fracture, vol.
In short, inhibitors reduce attacks and impede embrittlement caused by the absorption of hydrogen.
In addition the effect of steam on FKM O-rings generated product embrittlement and volume swell, causing surface cracking, reducing tensile strength and leading to premature loss of sealing force and eventual process leakages.
Radiation and thermal stability of VVER-type RPV materials imply, first of all, resistance to embrittlement while maintaining the strength properties, since these parameters determine the safety of reactor in extreme operation modes in the event of an emergency reactor cooling with cold water.
Metal fractures related to "environmentally induced cracking" are often associated with stress corrosion cracking (SCC) or hydrogen embrittlement (HE) mechanisms [7-9].
To protect pipelines from embrittlement and personnel from the lethal effects of H₂S in the natural gas industry, accurate measurements of H₂S are imperative.
Resistance to heat aging is necessary in under-the-hood applications, because they are exposed to temperatures above 160[degrees]C for hours, resulting in oxidative embrittlement.
In particular, the percentage of copper, phosphorus and nickel are considered important parameters for the irradiation embrittlement [7]; in addition, vanadium affects negatively the mechanical properties of irradiated materials [8, 9].
Exposing material to liquid nitrogen is said to help prevent melting or decomposition, or achieve embrittlement, resulting in a higher yield of particles in the desired target range, more uniform particle size distribution, higher production rates, improved product quality and enhanced process safety due to the nitrogen inertness.
If the steel is too hard, it can become susceptible to embrittlement, he said.
Phase one of the programme successfully produced hydrogen storage cylinders that are lightweight, low-cost, and durable and address issues with gas permeability, embrittlement and vessel recyclability afflicting current thermoset-reinforced and metal vessels.