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(ɪmˈbroʊl yoʊ)

also embroglio

n., pl. -glios.
1. a misunderstanding or disagreement of a complicated nature.
2. an intricate and perplexing state of affairs.
3. a confused heap.
[1740–50; < Italian, derivative of imbrogliare to embroil]
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It interested him enormously, and he threw himself into it, less as a magistrate eager to know the truth, than as an amateur of dramatic embroglios, tending wholly to mystery and intrigue, who dreads nothing so much as the explanatory final act.
Castelao/Universum/Future) Brad Anderson's murder embroglio on the Trans-Siberian Express.
Mazileo 12 b g Mazilier - Embroglio He ran in three hunter chases during the spring and didn't really run to any sort of decent level.