embroidery hoop

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Noun1.embroidery hoop - a frame made of two hoopsembroidery hoop - a frame made of two hoops; used for embroidering
framework - a structure supporting or containing something
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Translucent white mesh is stretched over slender rods of aluminum, bracketed at top and bottom by a wooden trunk hanger and crowned by a wooden embroidery hoop (Bib [white], 2006).
Or you can make an instant screen by cutting a square from a pair of old pantyhose (or get a square of tulle from a fabric store) and clamping the square in an embroidery hoop.
MAGICAL MOBILE An embroidery hoop and a slew of leftover ribbons are all you need for a whimsical installation above your bed.
In her sitting room with its crammed bookshelves, family photos and squashy armchairs, an embroidery hoop, a bag of knitting needles and yarn sit by a set of dumb bells, an exercise ball and a pair of discarded weight training gloves.
2 trevira gender chilean flags with reinforced ring to double gender in the banks of 6 * 4 cmt 2 arica flags trevira genre institutional shield municipality arica applique embroidery hoop to make reinforced with
I'm also not a fan of making them up myself so I was wondering if there are there any other contemporary designs out there to be had that will save me getting the embroidery hoop out?
Place your fabric in an embroidery hoop by placing the smaller ring under your fabric and sliding the larger ring over it, sandwiching the fabric to create a taut surface for stitching.
After I sewed the yarn hair in place on her sewing machine, I secured the head into an embroidery hoop.
Bags from each brand were placed one at a time for five different trials on a 36 centimeter diameter embroidery hoop and tested to see how many kilograms it would take to puncture the plastic bag.