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n. pl. em·bry·op·a·thies
A developmental disorder in an embryo.
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Warfarin-induced embryopathy has a >25% risk of fetal abnormalities, especially during weeks 6-9 of gestation.
Valproic acid embryopathy: report of two siblings with further expansion of the phenotypic abnormalities and a review of the literature.
Hydroperoxides which are major products of lipid peroxidation have been shown to alter prostaglandin biosynthesis which may be responsible for the development of diabetes-related embryopathy. [21,22]
Maternal diabetes before conception and during the first trimester is associated with diabetic embryopathy in the fetus, which affects the heart, great vessels, and neural tube.
By December 2016, fourteen of the women evaluated at the University Hospital had a diagnosis of Congenital Zika Syndrome (CZS), with fetal microcephaly and other brain abnormalities, consistent with the ZIKV embryopathy. Within this group, mothers of the pregnant women were identified as the main support person.
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"This paper is aimed to determined which ethical methodologies are used by committee members and advisors as they face the dilemma of abortion approval due to mild to moderate possible embryopathy." Id.
Inadequate levels of retinoids (excess or deficiency) may result in a set of defects denoted retinoic acid embryopathy which may provoke defects in the development of the neural crista (Kam et al., 2012).