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Variant of embryonic..
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Adj.1.embryotic - in an early stage of development; "the embryonic government staffed by survivors of the massacre"; "an embryonic nation, not yet self-governing"
early - being or occurring at an early stage of development; "in an early stage"; "early forms of life"; "early man"; "an early computer"
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The cloned egg is then allowed to mature into an early embryotic stage before it is injected back into the womb of an adult female animal for gestation.
The same year the Luftwaffe was revealed and LDv 16 was published, the embryotic air arm had six squadrons of awkward and inadequate Domier Do 11/23 twin-engine bombers and seven equipped with Junkers Ju 52/3m trimotor bomber/transports, all soon to be replaced with two modem, twin-engine bomber designs.
The work details how sequentially applying several signaling molecules to three-dimensional cultures of human embryotic stem cells prompts the cells to differentiate into functioning cerebellar neurons that self-organize to form the proper dorsal/ventral patterning and multi-layer structure found in the natural developing cerebellum.