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 (ē′mĕn-dāt′, ĭ-mĕn′-)
tr.v. e·men·dat·ed, e·men·dat·ing, e·men·dates
To make textual corrections in.

[Latin ēmendāre, ēmendāt-, to emend; see emend.]

e′men·da′tor (-dā′tər) n.
e·men′da·to′ry (ĭ-mĕn′də-tôr′ē) adj.


vb (tr)
(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) to make corrections to (a text)



1. to edit or change (a text).
2. to revise or correct.
[1375–1425; late Middle English (< Middle French emender) < Latin ēmendāre to correct]
e•mend′a•ble, adj.
e•mend′er, n.
syn: See amend.
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To prepare a new version of:
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Biography of Tavern (Tazkare Meykhaneh), Qazvini, Mullah Mola Abdolbani Fakhrozamani, emendated by Ahmad Golchini Ma'ani, 4th edition, Tehran: Iqbal Bookshop, 1984
For reasons given in the introduction, we emendated this name to Andrena nitidemula.
The ethical system whose mission is the realization of the spirituality emendated from the ideological system, has no notable status and support with Descartes.