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It lists all taxa published before January 1, 2018 currently considered as valid, their synonyms, emended names, and misspellings.
Transfer of Bacillus alginolyticus, Bacillus chondroitinus, Bacillus curdlanolyticus, Bacillus glucanolyticus, Bacillus kobensis, and Bacillus thiaminolyticus to the genus Paenibacillus and emended description of the genus Paenibacillus.
Iqbal Detho, the human rights activist, told this scribe that Sindh Government has emended criminal law in 2016 and honorable court could punish the killer at least 14 years whether the heirs of killed women made reconciliation agreement or not.
Chairmen UC 153, Angoori Bagh Saeed Malik termed his UC as darkest UC of Lahore and emended for street lights.
of the Code "any other emendation is an "unjustified emendation"; the name thus emended is available and it has its own author and date and is a junior objective synonym of the name in its original spelling; it enters into homonymy and can be used as a substitute name".
In the aftermath of the Syrian civil war, however, leading international powers emended their perceptions of the dangers lurking all around Lebanon and actually set up an International Support Group to extend sorely needed assistance.
The editor of the modern edition from which I have just quoted has emended in two places the last line of the passage, which in all early editions reads 'And make our strokes to wound the senseless lure [1593 actually has 'lute']'.
This volume contains the books Ezra and Nehemiah and 1-2 Maccabees in Syriac, a language closely related to Aramaic, from an emended version of MS B.
New York State recently emended the Cooperative and Condominium Tax Abatement to extend benefit eligibility to units owned in trusts.
Government of Pakistan is violating SBP (emended) Act of 2012 in borrowing excessively.