emerald green

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em′erald green′

a clear, deep green.
smeraldinoverde smeraldo
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This little difference of opinion," the Prince remarked, looking thoughtfully through the emerald green of his liqueur," interests me.
The foreground, to the footlights, was covered with emerald green cloth.
Look at that flush of wild lavender, where it fades into the sands on one side, and strikes the emerald green of that wet seamoss on the other.
As a white cloud here and there affords a pleasing contrast with the azure sky, so in the lagoon, bands of living coral darken the emerald green water.
Cold winds blow stiff white cotton sheets High in the sky, so fresh and clean Birds are searching for some crumbs On winter white over emerald green.
Even with the bold emerald green bedspread and cushions, there is still a real sense of calm serenity.
Maxine Medina, the Philippines' bet to the Miss Universe pageant, was a dazzling sight in the emerald green Rhett Eala number she wore for the evening gown portion of the preliminary competition, which was held on Thursday night at the SM Arena of the Mall of Asia.
The Dawn draws inspiration from the Costa Smerelda coast, and has an emerald green exterior contrasting against a seashell and green-leather interior with open-pore teak, employing a wood species that is commonly used in luxury yachts.
Wearing emerald green bikini bottoms, green and white kneesocks and a smile, Nadia is hoping she can spur the team on to the finals.
Kem kits polyurethane yellow safety,kem kits polyurethane white,kem kits poliuretano orange,kem kits poliuretano emerald green,chromate paint color dark green zinc etc.
From the emerald green hue to the body-hugging bodice, this dress is totally flattering.
You can get it in emerald green or, for a sunny position, bright gold - a variety otherwise known as Sundance.