emerald shiner

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Noun1.emerald shiner - small blunt-nosed fish of Great Lakes and Mississippi valley with a greenish luster
shiner - any of numerous small silvery North American cyprinid fishes especially of the genus Notropis
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Texas Shiner is in the subgenus Notropis and its closest extant relatives are Rio Grande Shiner Notropis jemezanus, Sharpnose Shiner Notropis oxyrhynchus, and Emerald Shiner Notropis atherinoides (Bielawski and Gold, 2001).
"If the trout are a little deeper," Bump explained, "I will tie on a Smithwick Perfect Rogue 10 in the Emerald Shiner color pattern.
pilsbryi; Hickman and Dewey, 1973), and emerald shiner (N.
Eleven species were collected only in riffles and included brook silverside, channel catfish, emerald shiner, mottled sculpin, rainbow darter, redfin shiner, river carpsucker, shorthead redhorse, smallmouth buffalo, stonecat, and walleye.
Common species collected with the banded killifish included sand shiner (Notropis ludibundus), spotfin shiner (Cyprinella spiloptera), and emerald shiner (Notropis atherinoides).
Leading colors are Black Shad, Smelt, and Emerald Shiner; in low light he switches to the louder Chartreuse Shad.
Emerald shiner, the most popular baitfish harvested from the Great Lakes, are susceptible to the VHS virus.
The species collected in the present but not the past are: bowfin, common carp, emerald shiner, and fathead minnow.
15 1 13 104 4 Channel catfish 3 5 47 14 149 92 Common carp 2 7 7 8 Creek chub Longnose dace Emerald shiner 1 Fathead minnow 77 9 2 1 Flathead chub 3 4 26 35 174 569 Grass pickerel 1 Largemouth bass 6 1 2 4 Red shiner 308 382 93 143 439 80 River shiner Sand shiner 326 165 198 36 831 547 Sanger 1 Shorthead redhorse 4 4 4 1 Stone catfish 1 White crappie 1 1 1 White sucker 2 1 Yellow bullhead 1 1 Yellow perch No.
Notropis atherinoides.--The emerald shiner is widely distributed in the eastern United States.
Species positively associated with Plains Topminnow persistence were Stonecat (Noturusflavus (Rafinesque)), Green Sunfish (Lepomis cyanellus (Rafinesque)), and Emerald Shiner (Notropis atherinoides (Rafinesque)) (Table 1).