emergency medicine

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emergency medicine

The branch of medicine that deals with evaluation and initial treatment of medical conditions caused by trauma or sudden illness.
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Noun1.emergency medicine - the branch of medicine concerned with the prompt diagnosis and treatment of injuries or trauma or sudden illnessemergency medicine - the branch of medicine concerned with the prompt diagnosis and treatment of injuries or trauma or sudden illness
medical specialty, medicine - the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques
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e·mer·gen·cy med·i·cine

n. medicina que trata de la evaluación inicial de víctimas accidentadas o afectadas por una enfermadad aguda o por trauma.
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He added that the DHA looks forward to organising WACEM to learn about the latest global developments in the field of practical and research education and to exchange ideas with scientists, researchers and practitioners in emergency medicine, trauma and critical care medicine.
He added: "We strive through Wacem to provide experts, doctors, nurses, paramedics, specialists and students with a platform where they can learn about the latest developments in the field of emergency medicine, trauma and acute care.
Congratulating Dubai for bagging the winning bid, Dr Sagar Galwankar, executive director of the World Academic Council for Emergency Medicine (WACEM) said: "In emergency medicine, speed is equal to better trauma care.
Organised by the Bahrain Medical Society (BMS) and Bahrain Association of Emergency Medicine (BAEM), Bemc19 will be an ideal platform to exchange experiences and strengthen collaboration amongst experts and healthcare providers from around the world.
The Indus Health Network launched the Certification Program in Emergency Medicine (CPEM)in July 2018 as an intermediate solution through a one-year training module in emergency medical knowledge and skills.
It's the first batch of the one-year certification programme in emergency medicine initiated by the Indus Health Network (IHN) being supported by the Habib Bank Foundation and the Harvard Medical School's Centre for Global Health Delivery, Dubai.
American Physician Partners was founded provides emergency medicine and hospital medicine services to more than 100 care sites in the US.
While appreciating RCEM's partnership with Pakistani Medical Universities, the President felicitated RCEM for having organized the first collaborative International Conference on Emergency Medicine in October 2017.
In this regard, the officials from the foreign college including Dr Ayaz Abbasi and Emergency Medicine Consultant Jason Long visited the BBGH where they were given details of the emergency's operational structure.
The issues of joining the Bishkek emergency medicine center to this community is being considered following the conference.
This unique conference, which aims to highlight the importance of emergency medicine in enhancing the government's efforts to provide better health care in the kingdom will be staged from October 9-11 at the Gulf Hotel Bahrain Convention & Spa.
Ghada Al Qassim extended her sincere gratitude to HRH Prime Minister for his patronage of this unique conference that aims to highlight the importance of emergency medicine in enhancing government's efforts to better health care in Bahrain.

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