emergency medicine

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emergency medicine

The branch of medicine that deals with evaluation and initial treatment of medical conditions caused by trauma or sudden illness.
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Noun1.emergency medicine - the branch of medicine concerned with the prompt diagnosis and treatment of injuries or trauma or sudden illnessemergency medicine - the branch of medicine concerned with the prompt diagnosis and treatment of injuries or trauma or sudden illness
medical specialty, medicine - the branches of medical science that deal with nonsurgical techniques

e·mer·gen·cy med·i·cine

n. medicina que trata de la evaluación inicial de víctimas accidentadas o afectadas por una enfermadad aguda o por trauma.
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7 February 2018 - Tennessee, US-based clinician services organisation TeamHealth has acquired Texas, US-based emergency medical staffing provider Emergency Medicine Consultants Ltd.
TeamHealth revealed on Monday the completion of the acquisition of Emergency Medicine Consultants (EMC) Ltd and its affiliated entities.
Pediatric emergency medicine is the branch ofmedicinethat involves thecare of infants, children, and adolescents.
It is to be noted that with three successful and rapidly growing editions and more than 1100 delegates, 30+ participating countries, and an exceptional scientific program delivered by over 100 reputable local and international speakers, the ESEM is becoming the largest and best Emergency Medicine Conference in the Middle East.
In 1970, the first emergency medicine residency began, and in 1979, the American Board of Medical Specialties recognized it as a forthcoming specialty.
The Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to world-class emergency medicine research.
Twenty-four journals in emergency medicine are listed according to the 2014 JCR Science Edition [Table 1].
Martin also served as the chief of the Division of Global Health and Emergency Care, director of the Emergency Medicine Global Health and Leadership Program, associate director of the Office of International Activities, associate director of the Simmons Scholar Career Development Program, and associate residency director for Emergency Medicine at UNC.
The first Welsh International Symposium on Emergency Medicine (WISEM), hosted by Cardiff University, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board and the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM) will be held at City Hall in Cardiff on May 16 and 17.
Pakistan needs 15,000 to 30,000 trained emergency physicians today yet there are just two medical training programmes focused on emergency medicine hence just 6 to 10 emergency doctors are graduating annually year in the country, said Dr Junaid Razzak, the pioneer of country's first emergency medicine residency programme.
The annual Scientific Conference of the Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine (ESEM) 2014, under the theme 'The First Hour Belongs to Us,' will run from December 5 to 9 at the Conrad Hotel.
Muscat, Sept 9 (ONA) The three-day Oman International Conference on Emergency Medicine 2014 was opened today at Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) under the auspices of Sayyid Dr.

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