emery cloth

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Noun1.emery cloth - cloth covered with powdered emery
abradant, abrasive, abrasive material - a substance that abrades or wears down
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I use an old hunting knife but steel wool or fine emery cloth also helps.
The rest can be done with grinders improvised from sandpaper or emery cloth wrapped around objects of the right shape and size, usually cylinders such as dowels or pipe.
IN THE PAST, copper pipe repair for high-pressure water pipes involved using a torch, emery cloth, flux.
Deburr the pin holes that need it using emery cloth or sandpaper.
Small areas of rust can be removed with an emery cloth and larger areas with a wire brush.
They were not finished; next we needed to sand the piece and we did this with medium- and, then, fine-grit emery cloth.
The artist then strapped emery cloth onto parts of his body (knees, elbows, stomach) and performed strenuous, repetitive swimming and crawling motions on the panels, removing the paint in streaks to produce a negative image.
When installing the bearing on a shaft, maintenance personnel too often pull out an emery cloth if the fit is too tight.
Scour the end of the pipe and the inside of the fitting by using emery cloth and a wire brush designed for this purpose (Figure 3).