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Michael smiled with his eyes that he understood, and turned casually aside to investigate an open box on the floor which contained plates of turtle-shell, hack-saws, and emery paper.
Smooth the shoulder-guard edges with emery paper and seal them with beeswax.
To brighten the insert face, use a little 600- or 1,000-grit wet-or-dry emery paper. Re-black any white metal with cold blue.
* VSM Vitex KK511XP60 470 mm x 400 mm 60 grit emery paper
For conditioning the tools, you will need steel wool and emery paper to remove rust.
The vacuum annealed specimens were abraded with emery paper (up to grit 1200) and further lapped to minimize the interference of surface oxides on hydrogenation.
Sand the outer 1 Vi inches of the underside of the cover with emery paper.
Mum used to clean the cooking range with Zebra polish and my sister and I had to polish the cutlery with emery paper. On wash day Mum cleaned the clothes in a tin bath and wrung them out through a mangle.
As the knife man was without a means of support, he was given money out of public funds to buy emery paper to polish up his knife.' Incidentally, how did Carlos Tevez manage to miss that sitter?
Contrary to some thought, it's not only the weight of the ice which causes issues but also the surface profile, in fact even something with the surface of the finest emery paper is enough to cause a distortion of the aircraft's aerodynamic properties.
A Tidy Betty kept the ashes from the hearth, on which stood a steel fender cleaned with ashes and a damp cloth and emery paper.