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Noun1.emigree - someone who leaves one country to settle in anotheremigree - someone who leaves one country to settle in another
migrant, migrator - traveler who moves from one region or country to another
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Where, how, and when had this young countess, educated by an emigree French governess, imbibed from the Russian air she breathed that spirit and obtained that manner which the pas de chale* would, one would have supposed, long ago have effaced?
You can even take a tour with a costumed interpreter, 14-year-old Victoria Confino, an emigree from the Ottoman Empire who lived at 97 Orchard in 1916.
However, French emigree Jean-Charles Boisset, owner of the Boisset Collection that includes Raymond Vineyards, DeLoach Vineyards, Buena Vista Winery and JCB, has demonstrated he has fully adapted to the North American wine industry, introducing some seriously avant garde wine packages.
It stars Justina Machado as Penelope, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan struggling to make ends meet in Los Angeles, where she lives with her teenage daughter, her middle-schooler son, and her mother--a Cuban emigree played by Rita Moreno, who Lear recruited to the role.
So, naturally, he hurries off to his father in an effort to prove him innocent, while Georgie returns the car to London, where she meets Princess Alexandra ("Zou Zou") Zamanska, a rich Polish emigree who fled her native country after having seen her husband hacked to death.
Il a egalement ete suggere de raffermir le partenariat au niveau maghrebin et de mieux prendre en consideration les droits de la femme emigree.
Heather Dea Jennings (contemporary, 1968-) Jennings is an American emigree who studied at the Berklee School and relocated to Rio Grande do Norte in 1997.
Woman in Gold stars Helen mirren as Jewish emigree maria altmann.
This view of the divinity not only evokes the Russian emigree Helena Petrovna Blavatsky's 1877 spiritualist opus Isis Unveiled; but also the "Isis Movement" that Moina MacGregor Mathers, a follower of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, had staged with her husband in Paris during the 1890s.
In this article, I trace Eva Kuhn Amendola's path from her formative years and her experience as an emigree to her relationship with her husband and her involvement with Futurism, interventionism and wartime activities on the homefront.