éminence grise

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ém·i·nence grise

 (ā-mē-näNs grēz′)
n. pl. ém·i·nence grises (ā-mē-näNs grēz′)
A powerful adviser or decision maker who operates secretly or unofficially. Also called gray eminence.

[French, the power behind the throne : éminence, power + grise, feminine of gris, gray, shadowy.]
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éminence grise

(eminɑ̃s ɡriz)
n, pl éminences grises (eminɑ̃s ɡriz)
a person who wields power and influence unofficially or behind the scenes
[C19: literally: grey eminence, originally applied to Père Joseph (François Le Clerc du Tremblay; died 1638), French monk, secretary of Cardinal Richelieu]
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gray′ em′inence

a person who wields unofficial power, esp. through another person and often surreptitiously or privately. Also called éminence grise.
[1940–45; translation of French éminence grise]
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éminence grise

A French phrase meaning gray eminence, used to refer to someone who wields considerable power behind the scenes. It was originally applied to a French monk who was the private secretary of Cardinal Richelieu, virtual ruler of France under Louis XIII.
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Noun1.eminence grise - (French) a person who exercises power or influence in certain areas without holding an official position; "the President's wife is an eminence grise in matters of education"
French - the Romance language spoken in France and in countries colonized by France
important person, influential person, personage - a person whose actions and opinions strongly influence the course of events
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eminence grise

[ˈgriːz] néminence f grise
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éminence grise

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The former Prime Minister, who is still fighting the cases against him, remains the eminence grise of the PML-N despite the incarceration and the propaganda by his opponents.
A private lawyer is widely seen as the eminence grise of the high tribunal and the rest of the judiciary, getting whatever ruling he wants.
Radical young architect, founder of the Bauhaus, eminence grise ...
Whose secretary was the original eminence grise? A Louis XVI B Marie Antoinette C Catherine de Medici D Cardinal Richelieu 3.
Bale calls Cheney, who is widely seen as Bush's eminence grise from 2001 to 2009, 'a very strong character - he was incredibly consequential, and he understood brilliantly in a way, like perhaps nobody else, how to work the machinery of government.'
As the eminence grise behind the Armenian genocide, he viewed the Armenians who pursued their dream of freedom as "a perpetual element of subversion for the Sublime State," and thus they lost their right to exist.
Robert continued to be a key member of the ACIS Executive Committee for decades, and he served as Robert Lowery's Associate Editor for the ILS, its permanent and patient proofreader and eminence grise.
But some believe Lynton is mere window-dressing, chosen to play the role of the eminence grise to help Snapchat achieve a more reputable profile ahead of an IPO expected to clear $25 billion.
And when the skipper is in need of sage advice, he needs go no further than Old Xavs' chair, David Reynolds, an eminence grise if ever there was one.
Direct your criticism where everybody knows it should go eminence grise, Mike Ashley.
Junior Bender, the protagonist in this, the third in this series, has a franchise, according to the eminence grise of Hollywood, the powerful Irwin Dressler, the 93 -year-old mob boss.