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n. pl. em·i·nen·cies


(ˈɛm ə nəns)

1. high station, rank, or repute.
2. a high elevation; hill or height.
3. (cap.) a title of honor, applied to cardinals (usu. prec. by His or Your).
4. an anatomical projection, esp. on a bone.
[1375–1425; late Middle English < Anglo-French < Latin]
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A position of exalted widely recognized importance:
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While riding over one of the cleared eminencies that occurred in their route, the watchful eye of Judge Temple pointed out to his daughter the approach of a tempest.
Now, as the date for argument on that issue in the Supreme Court approached, the young Federalist attorneys in the Jones camp called upon two of the organization's legal eminencies to help prepare Davis and Cammarata.
Ambassadors inhabit that less accessible world of heads-of-state, it is to such eminencies that they are accredited.