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Having the power or tendency to emit matter or energy; emitting.


(ɪˈmɪs ɪv)

1. serving to emit.
2. pertaining to emission.
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This works contract is part of the overall rehabilitation project for the "ucb" site and aims at providing temporary coverage for the most problematic part, since it is the most emissive zone a area awaiting its final rehabilitation.
LG OLED is often referred to as the next-generation display technology because it is emissive, meaning that the display emits its own light, eliminating the need for bulky and inefficient backlighting, said a statement.
CDS's Technical Director: "This new genre of technology adds a further dimension to our transparent display offering, giving some real benefits for high end applications that require an emissive display, it will complement our existing range T-LCD panels," says Tony Large.
The sublime plasma technology may be dead, but it's throne is taken over by another capable emissive alternative that is OLED, which fills in the gaps left behind by LED displays.
Available in both OEM and standalone configurations, it is ideal for simple absorbance, fluorescence and emissive color measurements.
The ability to measure simple absorbance, fluorescence, and emissive color.
1 was presented in this form [2], the reflectivity term was viewed as reducing the emissive power from arbitrary cavities.
For instance, over the past three years, Qapco has invested in environmental management projects that have allowed us to reduce our flaring by 80%, greenhouse gas emissive intensity by 20% and water consumption intensity by 17%.
If more than one colored emissive layer is included in the stack (a stacked OLED, for white OLED lighting, for example), then buffer layers are also often incorporated between each emissive layer.
A graphitized layer of 10 |om deposited over the outer surface of the AIS layer, served as an infrared emissive layer with nearly perfect absorptivity (emissivity factor of 0.
has turned to an emissive projection display (EPD) technology to anchor its Media Glass Superimaging technology.
OLED is a light-emitting diode in which the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compounds which emit light in response to an electric current.