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tr.v. e·mit·ted, e·mit·ting, e·mits
1. To give or send out (matter or energy): isotopes that emit radioactive particles; a stove emitting heat.
a. To give out as sound; utter: "She emitted her small strange laugh" (Edith Wharton).
b. To voice; express: emit an idea.
3. To issue with authority, especially to put (currency) into circulation.

[Latin ēmittere, to send out : ē-, ex-, ex- + mittere, to send.]

e·mit′ter n.


1. a person or thing that emits
2. (Nuclear Physics) a radioactive substance that emits radiation: a beta emitter.
3. (Electronics) the region in a transistor in which the charge-carrying holes or electrons originate
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Noun1.emitter - the electrode in a transistor where electrons originate
electrode - a conductor used to make electrical contact with some part of a circuit
electronic transistor, junction transistor, transistor - a semiconductor device capable of amplification


[ɪˈmɪtəʳ] N (Electronics) → emisor m
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Whatever the wavelength, set up and adjustment is provided by a controller which can handle multiple emitters, with full keyboard touch screen and multiple program memory for curing time and intensity cycles.
Microtubes are long-distance emitters whose length can be adjusted according to the distribution of pressures along the lateral line (Almeida et al.
The difference in losses between plain lateral pipes and with sealed emitters were calculated for constant increasing pressure head.
Fast response medium wave emitters and carbon infra-red emitters from HERAEUS NOBLELIGHT are said to be helping IKO to achieve excellent bonding between layers of polymer material during the continuous manufacture of roofing systems at its Clay Cross production plant.
In the same vein, global car parts supplier Faurecia has reduced cycle times by 20 seconds in the forming of dashboards by using infrared emitters from Heraeus, while car manufacturer Bentley relies on IR technology to ensure perfect fitting of roof liners in its luxury car bodies.
There are three different wavelength LED emitters available--365,385 or 405 nm-so optimal cures can be achieved.
A customer challenged the company with an application that required precise placement and bonding of preformed emitters within the extruded tubing without melting them in the crosshead.
Typically, proximity sensors determine an objects distance by varying the emitters drive current to find the threshold emitter power at which the object is just detected, a technique that requires an expensive DAC to drive the emitter.
Asia-Pacific is currently the leading region in terms of consumption of infrared emitters & receivers, mainly owing to the presence of a large number of manufacturers of various infrared technology-based components ranging from imaging systems to touchscreens, which are the primary consumers of infrared emitters and receivers.
You can buy main line with prepunched emitter holes or punch your own holes and install in-line emitters.
Simulation offers flexibility in being able to model different types of signals such as wireless emitters (LTE, WCDMA, EDGE, GSM) as well as radar emitters with various kinds of modulation on the pulse.
The use of smart packaging technologies, such as advanced sensor technologies and ethanol emitters, can help monitor the environment in packaging systems.