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A type of wheat (Triticum dicoccum or T. dicoccon syn. T. turgidum subsp. dicoccum or dicoccon) typically having two seeds per spikelet, first cultivated in the Neolithic period and widely grown in the Middle East and Europe through the Bronze Age. It is now grown in parts of Eurasia and Africa. Also called farro.

[German, from Middle High German amer, emeri, from Old High German amaro.]
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(Plants) a variety of wheat, Triticum dicoccum, grown in mountainous parts of Europe as a cereal crop and for livestock food: thought to be an ancestor of many other varieties of wheat
[C20: from German; related to Old High German amari spelt]
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(ˈɛm ər)

a wheat, Triticum dicoccum, having a two-grained spikelet, grown as a forage crop.
[1905–10; < German; Middle High German emer, Old High German amari, by-form of amar(o) (> German Amelkorn emmer)]
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Noun1.emmer - hard red wheat grown especially in Russia and Germanyemmer - hard red wheat grown especially in Russia and Germany; in United States as stock feed
wheat - annual or biennial grass having erect flower spikes and light brown grains
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