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The condition of the normal eye when parallel rays of light are focused exactly on the retina and vision is perfect.

[Greek emmetros, well-proportioned, fitting (en, in; see en-2 + metron, measure; see meter2) + -opia.]

em′me·trop′ic (-trŏp′ĭk, -trō′pĭk) adj.
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Adj.1.emmetropic - of or relating to the normal condition of the eye in which visual images are in clear focus on the retina
ametropic - of or relating to an abnormal condition of the eye in which visual images are not in focus on the retina
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00D) both the arteries and veins were found to be narrower than in emmetropic eyes.
observed a significant difference in retinal thickness between myopic and emmetropic groups in all retinal quadrants, the thickest being in the nasal location and the thinnest in the subfoveal region.
Mean RNFL thickness, as well as RNFL thicknesses of each quadrant was also significantly different between hypermetropic, emmetropic and myopic eyes (p-value<0.
Emmetropic eyes were from healthy volunteers (14 eyes of seven volunteers).
3) Flat corneas allow for myopic vision in air and emmetropic vision in water, much like other penguin species but unlike most other birds.
The researchers also observed that during a short period of accommodation axial elongation was seen in both myopic and emmetropic patients.
The 3D Clip-Ons fit nicely over most Rx glasses, and allow visually impaired moviegoers to enjoy their experience as much as their emmetropic friends.
Refractive surgeons using the CRS-Master treatment planning station and the MEL 80 excimer laser can help not only patients with myopic and hyperopic presbyopia with or without astigmatism, but also those with emmetropic presbyopia.
Washington, Apr 27 ( ANI ): Women's eyes may actually be different from men's as a new study has revealed that healthy emmetropic women have a bigger pupil diameter than men.
SUPRACOR is a new aberration-optimized presbyopic algorithm which is designed to be applied to Myopic, Hyperopic and Emmetropic eyes, as well as post-LASIK cases.
Its best results were found with patients who were low hyperopic and emmetropic presbyopes with little or no astigmatism, a circumstance which basically describes a large number of "baby boomers" who wished to return to the clearer near vision of their youth.
1) In general, the myopic eye is usually typified by excess axial elongation, due to an increase in the length between the lens and the retina compared to the emmetropic eye rather than to changes in the curvature of the cornea or lens.