emotional arousal

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Noun1.emotional arousal - the arousal of strong emotions and emotional behavior
arousal - a state of heightened physiological activity
angriness, anger - the state of being angry
excitation, fervour, inflammation, excitement, fervor - the state of being emotionally aroused and worked up; "his face was flushed with excitement and his hands trembled"; "he tried to calm those who were in a state of extreme inflammation"
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"It's likely to be related to better quality air, the mental and emotional arousal of visual beauty, and our very fundamental human need to be part of nature," said Yarrow.
During each infusion, participants saw ten film clips and rated their experience of pleasure and emotional arousal.
In numerous lie-detection studies, the stimuli related to deception have been presented to the participants and their physiological reactions have been examined according to their emotional arousal during deception (Honts & Reavy, 2015; Raskin & Honts, 2002; Vrij & Fisher, 2016).
Galvanic skin resistance is a measure of changes in sweat gland activity that reflects the intensity of emotional arousal. A higher number means your skin is drier and has more resistance to the flow of electricity, a lower number indicates more sweat, and, in controlled circumstances, more stress.
Ramsoy's neuroscience expertise drove an effort to explore the behavioral aspects of the method via functional MRIs (fMRIs), EEGs, and eye trackers, which could provide a measure of the cognitive load, motivation to action, emotional arousal, and focused attention of human subjects or customers.
Emotion can also be studied based on how strong it is, known as emotional arousal (Choi & Toma, 2014; Chmiel, Sienkiewicz, Thelwall et al, 2011).
Some topics are the development of eye tracking in empirical research on subtitling and captioning, measuring eyeblinks to explore the role of film music in emotional arousal, and sound design and the audiovisual influences on gaze.
(7) It is also associated with increased sensitivity to external stimuli, and particularly with heightened susceptibility to peer influence, which in turn contributes to emotional arousal and impulsivity.
Effects of emotional arousal in the cerebral hemispheres: a study of oscillatory brain activity and event-related potentials.
This process is known as selective attention bias; anxious individuals initially direct their attention to a threat (e.g., emotional arousal with negative content), but then tend to shift attention in order to relieve sensations of anxiety, resulting in memory selectivity (9,10).
From biological perspective, emotion can be observed in the mechanisms of the central nervous system CNS and it observed to be associated with changes of the emotional arousal. Several brain areas have been found related to emotion generation and to physiological emotional responses [15].
Furthermore, the perception of emotional arousal increases when matched information between sensory channels is presented.