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He entered upon each system with a little thrill of excitement, expecting to find in each some guide by which he could rule his conduct; he felt himself like a traveller in unknown countries and as he pushed forward the enterprise fascinated him; he read emotionally, as other men read pure literature, and his heart leaped as he discovered in noble words what himself had obscurely felt.
Maybe I don't know what God looks like, but take it from me I've seen a tintype of the devil," Mary gurgled, emotionally fluttering back and forth between laughter and tears.
I sat down again; sat for a time in a kind of stagnant mood, so weary, emotionally, mentally, and physically, that I could not think beyond the point at which he had left me.
This information was given to me not emotionally but as it were officially.
They were both young, and they were talking of the time when they lived and loved together at Talbothays Dairy, that happy green tract of land where summer had been liberal in her gifts; in substance to all, emotionally to these.
You will know the friend of your family better, Tootleums,' says Mr Veneering, nodding emotionally at that new article, 'when you begin to take notice.
Japan should refrain from emotionally responding and reflect on how it can resolve the issue in a way that serves its national interests," she said.
Emotionally intelligent people use their emotions to guide the way they think and behave, to help them adapt to different situations and to achieve their goals.
If so, then probably you feel more emotionally satisfied with him rather than romantic relationships with a woman.
by PTI Angelina Jolie said it has been a tough year to wade through emotionally and she is trying to put up a brave front to get by.
Some of us had emotionally responsive caregivers or parents in childhood, while others didn't," said Christine Heinisch, researcher at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany.
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