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n. pl. em·paths
One who is highly sensitive to the feelings of others and has a high capacity for empathy: "He was also something of an empath, intuitively alert, it would seem, to what was going on behind those faces" (Roberta Smith).

[Back-formation from empathy (on the model of telepath).]
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Three years after recording their first lo-fi demos in the basement of their shared home in Philadelphia, Empath remain the sort of close friends who can pile onto each other's jokes for hours if left to their own devices.
Since they are in New Orleans, new foster sister Max takes her to a fortune teller in the French Quarter who immediately knows Raven is an empath. Max and her mother know something about the arcane arts, because Max helps Raven set up a mental shield to protect her from hearing everyone else's thoughts.
The dramatic comedy "Miss Me" tells the story of a mismatched gang of misfits including a budding entrepreneur, an overfeeling empath, a daughter of a local politician, and three hired guns off the "dark web" and their plan to rob a fraternity house, before things get dangerously out of hand.
Others see an opportunity to improve generational wellbeing, like Melanie DeLynne Davis, the owner and clinical therapist at Empath Healing & Wellness.
Parker Mills has a secret that she knows is both a gift and a burden: she is a psychic empath who senses the emotions of those around her.
You need to be able to connect with them emotionally and be able to be an empath, in a way.
Are you among the 1 in 20 people born as an empath? Then you're a Highly, Highly Sensitive Person, ultra-perceptive.
Suffolk-based psychotherapist Lizzie Falconer, who also identifies herself as an empath, says: "10 years ago, if I had mentioned to someone that I feel other people's feelings, I'd have been thought mad.
"I discovered I am an empath ndash we have this extreme sensitivity and ability to feel and carry other people's emotions.
And then there's ClaraBelle's best friend, Tess, who does not have a disability, but is an empath, filled with kindness, and ready to lend a helping hug and hand for anybody that needs one.
I eventually realized, being a professionally lifelong embracer of Roger's Science of Unitary Human Beings (SUHB) theory, an empath, and an energy healer, that the missing element was the human energy field-human energy field (HEF-HEF) environmental interaction dynamic.
Following a successful run at the recent Gitex Future Stars 2018, the Japanese government and Jetro's first international mission under its new J-Startup programme - media company FreakOut Holdings, healthcare app Allm Inc, and award-winning AI company Empath, confirmed plans to expand into the UAE with a view to use their new UAE base as a launchpad into the wider Middle East and North Africa (Mena) region, said a statement.