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n. pl. em·paths
One who is highly sensitive to the feelings of others and has a high capacity for empathy: "He was also something of an empath, intuitively alert, it would seem, to what was going on behind those faces" (Roberta Smith).

[Back-formation from empathy (on the model of telepath).]
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How does MLA light that spark and support risk takers, innovators, disruptors, failures, empaths, and "frolleagues.
Still, most separated stars refuse to spill the beans, so frustrated fans and other intrusive empaths will just have to like it-or lump it!
Snell focuses on the exchange that takes place between book and reader, arguing that the child must give something in exchange for the lessons learned from a book: "In exchange for the gift of diversity-in-literature--or, more specifically, for a text that plots a trajectory from parochialism to cosmopolitanism--readers are expected to give of themselves in return as global activists, or, at the very least, cosmopolitan empaths in-the-making" (260).
Indeed, "The Empowered Empath" showcases Rose Rosetree's personal system of Empath Empowerment is uniquely effective to help empaths with their special sensitivity while having fun in the process.
Projection does enter into even the most sensitive of empaths.
Lysette accompanies the Empaths to a medical unit near the front lines where they are captured by Bantor's Elite Guard.
The best strategic empaths can achieve a good, though certainly never foolproof, ability to predict the actions of others--individuals or small groups.
We were hermits and healers, monks and wise men, psychics and mediums, priests and ecstatics, prostitutes and shamans, empaths and oracles.
When Lauren escapes that destruction, she begins traveling the dangerous highways north and picking up companions along the way--many of whom, like her, are empaths, a characteristic which makes their experience of pain distinctly communal.