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1. The male ruler of an empire.
a. The emperor butterfly.
b. The emperor moth.
c. The emperor penguin.

[Middle English emperour, from Old French empereor, from Latin imperātor, from imperāre, to command : in-, in; see en-1 + parāre, to prepare; see perə- in Indo-European roots.]

em′per·or·ship′ n.
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Another key attention of the author was Sultan Muhamm Al-Fateh who conquered the Constantinople in 1453, as early wars failed in ending the Byzantine emperorship. Al-Fateh changed the name of the city to Istanbul.
He underlined that efforts made by some countries to prove Iran hegemony in the region and reviving emperorship are the fruit of false claims made by unofficial people.
His ascension to the throne, and that of his succeeding dynasty, has been identified as marking a change in the nature of Byzantine emperorship. (1) Comnenian administration was characterized by a dynastic focus that saw the restructuring of the imperial system of rewards and honours to favour the emperor's family.
Titus is subsequently offered a 'palliament of white and spotless hue' (182) to signify the emperorship. The image of blood as an agent for discolouration also features in Titus's response to the news of Quintus's and Martius's arrest--'my sons' sweet blood will make [the earth] shame and blush'--in which the earth figures as a site of changing colour both from the spilt blood and in a blushing, shamed response to their deaths (3.1.15).
The introduction of emperorship destroyed the Roman rule of law and its key interpreter, Cicero, was slayed by Caesar's camp.
Robinson highlights the reign of the Zhengde Emperor [1506-1521] as an important turning point, claiming that "When Zhengde attempted what [earlier emperors] had done regularly--ride, shoot, hunt, and campaign--many civil officials felt that he had violated norms of emperorship" (359).
In fact, discourse of emperorship of national state and establish powerful state which is regarded as important factor has been encountered to main factor for nationalists so that the coup is as immediate solution for it.
I view their closet pretentions to emperorship as a local conceit.
This means that once Crown Prince Naruhito ascends to the throne, his successor will be neither his daughter nor his two female nieces, but his nephew, Hisahito--who will leapfrog over all of them to take the emperorship. Princess Kiko is the mother of the emperor-to-be, and has overtaken Princess Masako in stature.
In 1914, northern Iran was part of the Russian emperorship, whose consulates ruled Iran instead of the local government.