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n. pl. em·per·ies
Absolute dominion or jurisdiction; sovereignty.

[Middle English emperie, from Old French, from Latin imperium; see empire.]
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n, pl -peries
(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) archaic dominion or power; empire
[C13 (in the sense: the status of an emperor): from Anglo-French emperie, from Latin imperium power; see empire]
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(ˈɛm pə ri)

n., pl. -per•ies.
absolute dominion; sovereignty.
[1250–1300; Middle English emperie < Anglo-French < Latin imperium mastery, sovereignty, empire =imper(āre) to rule (see emperor) + -ium -ium1]
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Past, present, and future mingled; and he went on oscillating across the broad, warm world, through high adventure and noble deeds to Her - ay, and with her, winning her, his arm about her, and carrying her on in flight through the empery of his mind.
Piggott claimed his first Derby with Never Say Die in 1954 before going on to triumph with Crepello (1957), St Paddy (1960), Sir Ivor (1968), Roberto (1972), Empery (1976), The Minstrel (1977) and Teenoso (1983).
Paddy (1960), Sir Ivor (1968), Nijinsky (1970), Roberto (1972), Empery (1976), The Minstrel (1977), Teenoso (1983).
The owner did not want to pay the entry fee so we went to the Curragh instead, and he finished third to Malacate and the Epsom hero Empery.
He conquers France, marries the French princess Catherine, and makes real what he had only envisioned at the start--a "large and ample empery"--an English empire that will stand forever and will include France and "and all her almost kingly dukedoms."
KARACHI -- Brisk shipping was recorded at the Port where nine ships Express Makalu C.V ALP Miami, C.V Maersk Detroit, C.V Narmada, M.T Sky Globe, M.T Prothos, M.T Empery, M.White Purl, and M.T Karachi carrying Containers, Coal, Chemicals, LPG and Furnace oil were allotted berthing at Qasim International Container Terminal, Multi Purpose Terminal, Engro Vopak Terminal, SSGC Terminal and FOTCO Oil Terminal respectively on Tuesday, August 22, 2017.
Jockey Lester Piggott won the Derby for a record seventh time on Empery, winning PS100,000 in prize money.
Stately and proud, in riches and in train, Whilom I was, powerful and full of pomp; But what is he whom rule and empery Have not in life or death made miserable?
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In quick succession, Titus has killed Tamoras first born son, turned down the empery and handed it to Saturninus, along with his daughter, Lavinia.