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top: normal bronchiole and alveoli
bottom: diseased bronchiole with mucus, enlarged air sacs in the alveoli, and fewer capillaries


 (ĕm′fĭ-sē′mə, -zē′-)
1. A pathological condition of the lungs marked by an abnormal increase in the size of the air spaces, resulting in labored breathing and an increased susceptibility to infection. It can be caused by irreversible expansion of the alveoli or by the destruction of alveolar walls.
2. An abnormal distension of body tissues caused by retention of air.

[Greek emphūsēma, inflation, from emphūsān, to blow in : en-, in; see en-2 + phūsān, to blow (from phūsa, bellows, bladder).]

em′phy·sem′a·tous (-sĕm′ə-təs, -sē′mə-, -zĕm′ə-, -zē′mə-) adj.
em′phy·se′mic adj. & n.


(Pathology) relating to emphysema
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Celine is packed with details--there are bear attacks, a gold-digging nurse, an emphysemic sharpshooter and senior citizens who live in a camper van--but every bit feels authentic and true.
My first outing in the super shoes left me gasping like an emphysemic pensioner with an allergy to fresh air.
The result is atrocious--listening to Jarrett spin out brilliant lines of improvisation over a lovely standard like "All the Things You Are" while wheezing into the microphone like an angry and emphysemic goat is intensely frustrating.