empirical research

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Noun1.empirical research - an empirical search for knowledge
inquiry, research, enquiry - a search for knowledge; "their pottery deserves more research than it has received"
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The author presents some results of this empirical research stage, addressing the key domain of school functioning-"the learning-and teaching-friendly environment"- in detail at two levels.
Very little empirical research or literature in higher education addresses the issues involved when individual faculty implement changes in their instructional policies, practices and behaviors.
Focusing on social and political research, this volume considers research design, theory formation, and data analysis within the process of empirical research. Rueschemeyer (sociology, Brown U.) presents the analytic tools he considers useful, all within the context of theory frames.
Despite the phenomenal growth of executive coaching in recent years, there has been little empirical research on its effectiveness.
Coad (Evolutionary Economics Group, Max Planck Institute of Economics, Germany) reviews the latest empirical research on firm growth and analyzes the contributions of detailed longitudinal datasets, more powerful computers and new econometric techniques to these developments.
Further empirical research in special education is taking shape using this framework and will be compared to the usual risk analysis techniques.
of Western Australia) opens this text on research methods in education with an introduction to the logic underlying empirical research as well as to qualitative and quantitative data and the current move to relax the distinction between the two.
The work can be described as empirical research centered around teaching units where the researcher partly has been a passive observer and partly an active participant in the process.
of Delaware) with the same primary objectives as the first: to illustrate the political science empirical research process and the value of its methodologies, to provide students with the tools necessary for conducting their own research and evaluating the work of others, and to give those with limited mathematical backgrounds an understanding the statistical calculations used in social science research.
Very little empirical research has examined mathematics education in rural schools and communities.
Saqib Munir also presented his first 'PhD seminar' on an empirical research on the relationship of emotional intelligence and transformational leadership, under the supervision of Prof.

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