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Noun1.employee savings plan - a plan that allows employees to contribute to an investment pool managed the employer
plan, program, programme - a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished; "they drew up a six-step plan"; "they discussed plans for a new bond issue"
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A 401(k) employee savings plan was started in 1987, but most Post employees do not make contributions.
Other compensation Mr Trotman received last year included: pounds 558,000 for cash dividend equivalents paid on restricted share and contingent share rights; pounds 374,446 in other dividend equivalents on restricted share rights; and pounds 71,235 in ma tching contributions under Ford's employee savings plan.
* THE CHOICES COMPANIES ADOPTING an employee savings plan face have expanded in recent years.
No one screening Executive Life as an investment manager would have accepted its heavy concentration on high-yield bonds for an employee savings plan.
Abdallah Kubursi, CEO of TAKAUD said, "This Gala Reception marked the introduction of TAKAUD's first individual and corporate solutions in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Employee Savings Plan, the End of Service Benefit Plan and the Individual Savings Plan providing affordable solutions to suit all customers across all demographics," He added, "We would like to thank His Excellency Rasheed Mohammed Al Maraj and our distinguished guests for taking part in this milestone, and look forward to becoming the leading savings and pensions provider of choice in the region."
Dubai: National Bonds has reported a 142 per cent increase in the total Employee Savings Plan (ESP) contributions from all participating companies in the UAE over the last year.
Takaud, a savings and pension specialist provider, has recently announced it is offering a unique Employee Savings Plan, which can be customized to suit all types of businesses, from small to large multinational companies.
TAKAUD, a MENA-based Savings and Pension specialist provider, today introduced its unique Employee Savings Plan, a first for the region.
Employee Savings Plan $ 39,000 Bank Savings Accounts $ 3,400
(2) Not taking advantage of obvious opportunities, such as the 401(k) employee savings plan at work.
The sale of the 4.3% Saint-Gobain stake leaves Wendel with some 12% of the building materials firm's capital and 20% of its votes, the vendor said, adding it sees its Saint-Gobain stake stabilising at 11.5% of the shares and 19% of the votes due to the upcoming dilution related to the payment of the scrip dividend and to the employee savings plan.
Wendel, which has been a Saint-Gobain shareholder for over six years, said it would remain the building materials company's largest investor after this sale, holding 12% of its capital and 20% of its votes, which, given the upcoming dilution related to the payment of the scrip dividend and to the employee savings plan, it expects to stabilise at some 11.5% of the shares and 19% of the votes.

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