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tr.v. em·pow·ered, em·pow·er·ing, em·pow·ers
1. To invest with power, especially legal power or official authority. See Synonyms at authorize.
2. To equip or supply with an ability; enable: "Computers ... empower students to become intellectual explorers" (Edward B. Fiske).

em·pow′er·ment n.
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(Sociology) approving having qualities that give a person or a group of people the means to take more control of their lives and become stronger and more independent
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Madison, WI, April 03, 2019 --(PR.com)-- Empowering Women in Industry launched their first episode of the Empowering Women Podcast with Mel the Engineer on March 21, 2019.
Speaking of their Women's Day#HeforSTHRIinitiative SelynaPeiris, Director Business Development Selyn, said, "This year in celebration of women's day we thought to take a different approach and recognize the men within Selyn who work hard towards empowering and enabling the women who work with us.
We are committed to maintaining a transparent and empowering work environment.
'We have always been about providing information and support to moms in the various stages of their mommy journey, in ways that are inclusive, inspiring and empowering. This year, we're very excited to share our #Mompowerment campaign.
Summary: Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], Mar 28 (Businesswire-India): I am very happy that we are marking the International Women's Day in Niger this day, with Her Excellency the First Lady of Niger, to underscore our long-term commitment to empowering women in Niger and across Africa through Merck more than a mother.
Women in our region represent a huge untapped potential and empowering women is necessary as it helps achieve gender equality and promotes social justice and development.
Government should fight hunger and poverty by empowering women who have limited opportunities, he said while speaking to a delegation of businesswomen.
He said: "What's important is the fact that Empower takes place annually -- it sends out a message that empowering youth is and must be a continuous effort.
Soft-edged, rainbow-hued illustrations deliver the message of self empowering belief.
Muscat, Nov 25 (ONA) Activities of the symposium entitled "Working Woman and Means of Empowering Her: Future Visions," continue for the second consecutive day at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel in the presence of Sheikh Khalid bin Omar al-Marhoon, Minister of Civil Service and a number of undersecretaries.
This article is the result of the research on the efforts to improve students' problem-solving skills in the "Research Methods" course through "Empowering Eight: Information Literacy Model" at the Indonesian Education Study Program.

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