empty calorie

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emp′ty cal′orie

a calorie whose food source has little or no nutritional value.
[1965–70, Amer.]
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Using sugar as a biofuel is surely a way forward, but the world's sweet tooth for sugar, which is an empty calorie foodstuff and of no nutritional value except as a quick source of energy, might drive the price of the commodity way beyond what is a feasible option to petroleum products.
Women with a so-called empty calorie diet--high in sweetened beverages, red meat, and desserts--had significantly elevated intima-media thickness, compared with women who followed other dietary patterns, including diets high in fat.
Women in the empty calorie group had maximum carotid intirna-media thickness of 1.46 mm, which was significantly higher than that of women in the heart healthy group (1.18 mm), light eating group (1.22 mm), wine and moderate eating group (1.27 mm), and high fat group (1.17 mm).
Furthermore, as admitted by an internal USDA report, cooking irradiated food depletes its vitamin content resulting in 'empty calorie food.'"
The figures were marginally below brokers' expectations, but chief executive Sol Trujillo said: 'These are solid numbers which clearly demonstrate Orange's focus on quality growth - not 'empty calorie' customers.'
Lee/Michael Timchula Architects -celebrating the discarded sofas recycled by people without homes; "The Gift" by DMJM Architects & Engineers - a brightly wrapped gift box complete with ribbon & bow brimming with food inside; "Fast Track" by Fox & Fowle Architects, PC -the inside of a subway car one side displaying colorful ads of people with plenty and the other side displaying black and white images of people in need; "The Empty Calorie" by R.M.
Complex carbohydrates are "nutrient dense"; that is--unlike "empty calorie" sugars -- they contain a high ratio of nutrients per calorie; they pack a large nutritional punch.
Aimed at snacking teenagers as an alternative to empty calorie snacks, Hormel REV wraps are made with meat and cheese, containing 15 grams of protein or more.
Researchers analyzed the dietary patterns of more than 700 women during a 12-year period, categorizing their eating habits into one of five groups: Heart Healthy, Light Eating, Wine and Moderate Eating, High Fat, and Empty Calorie. Those in the Heart Healthy group--who ate more servings of nutrient-dense fruits, vegetables, and lean foods--were least likely to become overweight (24%).
Be wary of "empty calorie" foods that supply only fat and sugar and make sure you pile fruit and vegetables in your trolley so your body and heart get extra protection.
"By skipping meals we also tend to make up for the meals we skip later on in the day by eating empty calorie foods such as crisps and chocolate which have little nutritional value.
This sugar without any fiber is treated as empty calories that directly harm the pancreas and liver.