empty tomb

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Noun1.empty tomb - a monument built to honor people whose remains are interred elsewhere or whose remains cannot be recovered
monument, memorial - a structure erected to commemorate persons or events
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On the morrow, the husband and father, having discovered the empty tomb, came to claim her.
Resurrection was transformed from a theological concept to an experience of discovering an empty tomb on Easter morning.
John Polkinghorne, familiar to many through his work on science and religion and his winning the Templeton Prize in 2002, shows how the eschatological hope of Christianity cannot be truly maintained by those who play down the empty tomb and bodily resurrection.
This is the encounter of Mary Magdalene, John and Peter with the empty tomb on the first Easter morning.
The Spirit, like the empty tomb, is hard for us to get our heads around.
Scripture provides a captivating yet ambiguous one: an open, empty tomb.
If one accepts the tradition that identifies "the beloved disciple" of John's Gospel with John, son of Zebedee, it is the same two apostles who once raced to the empty tomb (John 20:2-10) who now stand before the Sanhedrin and testify to the risen Christ (v.
On Easter Sunday we were stopped in our tracks as we observed the stone pushed away from the entrance and the empty tomb exposed for our viewing.
Such secrets imply that Mary, who was exorcised of seven demons and was the first to encounter the risen Christ at the empty tomb, is, in fact, the true holy grail of which legend speaks, and was actually married to Jesus.
invites his readers to journey with him from cross to empty tomb through the actual experience of Holy Saturday.
Placing such emphasis on the ongoing debate among New Testament scholars--whether narratives con-mining the empty tomb stories, corporal resuscitation and so on should be taken literally or metaphorically--widely misses the mark on the central meaning of the Resurrection itself.