empty tomb

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Noun1.empty tomb - a monument built to honor people whose remains are interred elsewhere or whose remains cannot be recovered
monument, memorial - a structure erected to commemorate persons or events
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On the morrow, the husband and father, having discovered the empty tomb, came to claim her.
Her indomitable spirit was crushed to the core to see an empty tomb. In sobs, she pleaded to Jesus, whom she mistook as the gardener.
The empty tomb was seen by the women who were visiting the tomb.
Peter sees the burial cloths rolled up in the empty tomb but cannot figure out what has happened.
Their emptiness met another emptiness - an empty tomb - and an angel who brought them hope.
In Christianity, Easter eggs or Paschal eggs symbolize the empty tomb of Jesus from which the Lord resurrected.
Ironically, the name of the male disciple who first went to the empty tomb was memorized, but the names of the faithful female disciples who were the first at the tomb were forgotten.
Good worship lead to sound behaviour Christian behaviour was hammered into shape in the white-hot heat of Calvary's furnace and the finished work of the Empty Tomb.
The crucifixion in contrast to the empty tomb screams the dichotomy of the two.
It allows us to run alongside Mary of Magdala, Simon, Peter and John to see the empty tomb.
Furthermore, while the easter egg has been widely used in Christianity to represent Jesus' empty tomb, it is said to have spread through Christendom from Persia.
And so Christmas is not just about shopping, food, wine and partying, it's about the greatest love demonstrated to us by that Baby born on a manger, dying on the cross and resurrecting from an empty tomb in order to give us life.