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Delayed diagnosis may result in serious complications, including mediastinitis, pneumonitis, pericarditis, empyema, and death.
During a subsequent admission, he required ventilator support and thoracoscopic decortication due to empyema from aspiration pneumonia.
gracilis and their associated clinical diagnosis, 7 were from patients with lung abscess or empyema, and 2 were from those with aspiration pneumonia (6).
A case of isolated hepatic actinomycosis causing right pulmonary empyema.
Other sequelae include potentially life-threatening conditions such as meningitis, cavernous sinus thrombosis, brain abscess, and subarachnoid empyema.
Systemic complications include (a) deep neck space infections; (b) septic arthritis/osteomyelitis of the humerus, hip, clavicle, tibia, and fibula; (c) brain manifestations to include meningitis, epidural/subdural abscess, sinus thrombosis, and stroke; (d) lung manifestations to include mediastinitis, pulmonary embolism, empyema, hydrothorax/pneumothorax, and pneumonia; (e) eye manifestations to include uveitis, vitreous hemorrhage, retrobulbar mass, and cranial nerve VI palsy; (f) liver/spleen infarct or abscess; and (g) lower cranial nerve, XI-XII, palsies (Karkos et al.
The site of origin in the 'pus' group was not specified and probably comprised peripheral lymph nodes, superficial skin and soft tissue and deep organ abscesses, and empyema.
Macroscopic appearance of pleural effusions Straw colour * Tuberculosis * Transudates * Simple parapneumonic effusion * Benign asbestos-related effusion Chylous * Neoplasms * Trauma * Tuberculosis * Sarcoidosis * Amyloidosis * Neoplasm Bloody * Trauma * Pulmonary embolism * Post-cardiac injury Purulent * Tuberculosis * Empyema
Bilateral thoracoscopy revealed empyema with loculations with beefy, inflamed, thick-walled visceral and parietal pleurae.