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1. A suspension of small globules of one liquid in a second liquid with which the first will not mix: an emulsion of oil in vinegar.
2. A photosensitive coating, usually of silver halide grains in a thin gelatin layer, on photographic film, paper, or glass.

[New Latin ēmulsiō, ēmulsiōn-, from Latin ēmulsus, past participle of ēmulgēre, to milk out : ē-, ex-, ex- + mulgēre, to milk; see melg- in Indo-European roots.]

e·mul′sive adj.
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Made by dipping variously folded and crumpled pieces of fabric into baths of bleach, these emulsive sepia-toned tapestries suggest messier, paintless versions of Simon Hantai's 1960s "pliages" (foldings).
Other water based mud (emulsive and non-emulsive) and fluids resulting from the drilling mud and cleaning of equipment, machinery, and tanks are conducted to earth ponds surrounding the drilling rig (pit).
QTC materials can be made in a range of elastomeric forms, including emulsive coatings, 'bulk'' silicone or rubber and textile forms.