en brochette

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en bro·chette

 (äN′ brô-shĕt′)
On a skewer: lamb en brochette.

[French : en, on + brochette, stick, skewer.]
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en brochette

(ɑ̃ brɔʃɛt)
adj, adv
(Cookery) (esp of meat) roasted or grilled on a skewer
[literally: on a skewer]
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There is also a chicken selection, including chicken tenders for the kids and chicken livers (served broiled, on a shish-kabob, or en brochette with bacon) for the old-school crowd.
A few include matelote of eel scented with cognac and eels en brochette.
I'm a vegetarian, but I make an exception for a smoking plate of CEO en brochette."