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tr.v. en·act·ed, en·act·ing, en·acts
1. To make into law: Congress enacted a tax reform bill.
2. To act (something) out, as on a stage: enacted the role of Romeo.

en·act′a·ble adj.
en·ac′tor n.
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In The Angry Marriage you will learn how to reclaim the love in your relationship by discovering: how to identify which of the six angry "lovestyles" best describes you--venter, provoker, displacer, enactor, symbolizer, or suppresser; how to decode complaints so that you can unearth the real but hidden sources of your and your spouse's anger; how to confront and conquer the invisible, angry marriage that is locked inside your relationship; how to replace even the greatest anger with compassion and goodwill using a new language of love.
[Note to readers: According to my old, but huge, unabridged, Oxford dictionary enactor is spelled "or" not "er" -- "enactor: one who enacts (a part, scene)".
But the fact that re-enactors often reiterate the values and assumptions of the soldiers they impersonate does not detract from my argument that re enactors can only do so much to help us understand history.