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 (ē′nə-mēn′, ĕn′ə-, ĭ-năm′ēn)
An organic compound containing an amine group bonded to a carbon atom, which in turn is doubly bonded to another carbon atom.

[en-, chemically unsaturated (from -ene) + -amine.]
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(Chemistry) a type of unsaturated compound
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Noun1.enamine - an amine containing the double bond linkage -C=C-N-
amine, aminoalkane - a compound derived from ammonia by replacing hydrogen atoms by univalent hydrocarbon radicals
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Polymer materials that present hydrolysable chemical bonds along the polymer chain, such as in the amide, enamine, ester, and urethane functional groups, present biodegradable characteristics and can also find agricultural applications.
SAMDI Tech, a provider of label-free drug discovery solutions, has partnered with Enamine, a supplier of drug-like screening compounds, to expand the number of molecules in their small molecule compound libraries.
developed an efficient, Pdcatalyzed Heck reaction in which the 2-triflate substituted aryl ketone series 74 was coupled and intramolecularly cyclized with enamine 75 at [C.sub.4f]-[C.sub.4]/[N.sub.2]-[C.sub.3] and isomerized to produce four examples of ring-fluorinated and fluoroarylated isoquinolines 76 [49].
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