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Either of a pair of molecules that are mirror images but cannot be superimposed on each other, and that rotate the plane of polarized light by an equal amount in opposite directions. Also called enantiomorph, optical isomer.

[Greek enantios, opposite; see ant- in Indo-European roots + -mer, isomer.]

en·an′ti·o·mer′ic (-mĕr′ĭk) adj.


(Chemistry) chem a molecule that exhibits stereoisomerism because of the presence of one or more chiral centres


(ɪˈnæn ti ə mər)

either of a pair of optical isomers that are mirror images of each other.
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Noun1.enantiomer - either one of a pair of compounds (crystals or molecules) that are mirror images on each other but are not identical
chemical compound, compound - (chemistry) a substance formed by chemical union of two or more elements or ingredients in definite proportion by weight
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For chiral drugs, especially those with different activities and effects associated with each enantiomer, stereoselectivity in protein binding is an important consideration.
The Food and Drug Administration has granted Janssen Pharmaceuticals "fast track" and "breakthrough therapy" status for intranasal esketamine, the S(+) enantiomer of ketamine, which is now in phase III clinical trials for treatment-resistant depression as well as for depression with suicidal thoughts.
In the cases of trogodermal (2'), exo-brevicomin (3) and frontalin (4), only a single enantiomer of the pheromone was highly bioactive.
In particular, the rhizopines produced allowed us to confirm which was the naturally active enantiomer ('hand') of a key bioactive compound.'
The development of robust and widely applicable methods that form single enantiomer products is a major contemporary research goal.
The patent includes claims that cover compositions of the immunologically active enantiomer of the cationic lipid R-1,2-dioleoyl-3-trimethyl-ammonium-propane or its racemic mixture with Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor to reduce the population of myeloid derived suppressor cells within the tumor microenvironment.
The PLLA and PDLA enantiomer generate polar interactions with sc-DME to dissolve efficiently because DME has a dipole moment of 1.3 D [18].
In addition to the concentration values, authors [7, 8, 14] often present as results the ratio between the total area of the chromatographic peak and the specific area of the diastereomer or enantiomer. The result of the calculation is called the diastereomeric factor (DF) or the enantiomeric factor (EF) [8].
Ethyl acetate, acetic acid, methanol, 2-propanol, ammonium hydroxide, dichloromethane, 0.1 M solution of (S)-(-)-N-(trifluoroacetyl)pyrrolidine-2-carbonyl chloride (L-TPC) with an enantiomer excess (ee) of 97% (according to the supplier's specification) in methylene chloride, anhydrous sodium sulfate, and sodium phosphate were obtained from Sigma-Aldrich Chemicals (St.
- US-based autoimmune disease therapies developer ImmunoMolecular Therapeutics (IM Therapeutics) has been issued US Patent 9,629,848 covering the use of methyldopa (MDOPA) and other small molecular entities in immunotherapy for type 1 diabetes and US Patent 9,820,957 covering the use of the D enantiomer of methyldopa (D-MDOPA) for T1D and celiac disease, the company said.