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1. enclosed.
2. enclosure.


abbr of enclosure(s) → Anl.
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Admiral Sunil Lanba Chief of the Naval Staff being received by Vice Admiral Karambir Singh FOC-in-Chief ENC
Bisht was accorded a farewell by the ENC by the traditional 'Pulling Out' ceremony, wherein he was ceremonially pulled out in a jeep by Flag Officers and Commanding Officers of Ships and Naval establishments, to resounding 'Teen Jais' from the men to the outgoing commander-in-chief.
According to Nautisk Head of Global Sales, Peter J Pran, TECDIS-now recognizes when an exchange set created in Neptune is inserted into the ECDIS, facilitating a one-click installation and an automatic update of the vessel's ENC cells.
No se encontro diferencias estadisticas significativas en mortalidad por ENC despues del reto entre los grupos vacunados, pero si entre los grupos vacunados y el grupo control (p<0.
From Table 7, we see that the ENC statistics are much more powerful than the MSE statistics at horizons of one and two quarters in detecting forecasting ability over the 1985:1-1999:4 out-of-sample period.
Their 40th class reunion at Central High revived the interest of the ENC members able to attend.
En un estudio realizado en aves silvestres del orden Columbiformes (Columba livia y Eupelia cruziana) en una zona donde ocurrio un brote de la ENC en pollos de carne, no se encontro presencia de anticuerpos contra este virus a la prueba de Inhibicion de la Hemaglutinacion (IH) (Carrion, 2000).
A typical insertion loss for an ENC silencer applied to a compressor station cooling fan is 22-25 dBA.
ENC cooler inlet silencers increase airflow volume into the cooling core, This is accomplished by creating more of an even (in other words, laminar) airflow into the cooler.