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1. enclosed.
2. enclosure.


abbr of enclosure(s) → Anl.
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Main features: supply of s57 standard electronic navigation chart (enc benc) editing softwarethe provision of s57 standard electronic navigation chart (enc and benc) editing software.
"Defence Minister Rajnath Singh arrived at Visakhapatnam on June 29 on a two-day maiden visit to ENC," a press release by PIB read.
Looking in fine touch, Huzaifa crushed Berk Ulas Enc in straight sets 6-2, 6-1.
Boy's Singles Semi Finals: Huzaifa Abdul Rehman (PAK) beat Berk Ulas ENC (TUR) 6-2, 6-1; Bader Alabdullah (KUW) beat Essa Qabazard (KUW) 6-4, 6-2.
Shoaib Khan (PAK) lost his quarterfinal against fourth seed Berk Ulas ENC (TUR) in a thrilling and exciting three-set match.
According to Nautisk Head of Global Sales, Peter J Pran, TECDIS-now recognizes when an exchange set created in Neptune is inserted into the ECDIS, facilitating a one-click installation and an automatic update of the vessel's ENC cells.
At this stage, it is important to highlight what the ENC statistics mean, since it might seem counterintuitive to have out-of-sample forecasting ability from a specific variable, even when the Theil's U exceeds one.
DG Energy, in an unusually aggressive press release, warned EnC contracting parties of the "risks" of not addressing shortcomings.
Se determinaron los niveles de anticuerpos contra ENC, BI y aMPV mediante la prueba de ELISA con kits comerciales (IDEXX Laboratories).
Following completion of negotiations for entry into the EnC, Ukraine failed to move forward in implementing the necessary reforms.
Eleven of them (8 women, 3 men mean age 47.0 [+ or -] 10.1 years) with high disease activity despite the conventional treatment were assigned to Group 1 and were given ENC treatment twice a week (25 mg SC injection) for 12 weeks.
The second chapter lays the groundwork for Enc's position.