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 (ĕn-kăp′səl, -so͞ol)
tr.v. en·cap·suled, en·cap·sul·ing, en·cap·sules
To encapsulate.
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Tenders are invited for Single Channel Module For Strain Gage Transducer Used For Dc Amplifiers With Symmetrical Transducer Supply Voltage Range: 18 To 30Vdc,Protection:Ip20,With Profibus Dp Interface,Carri Er Frequency 600Hz,Type:1-Mp 30Dp,Make:Hbm & Weighing Load Cell,Hermitically Encapsuled,Range 220Kg,Sensi Tivity +/-1%,Input Resistance:250-480 Ohms,Output Resistance :350+/-2 Ohms,Uref 5Vdc,Nominal Supply 0.
And significantly,l thanks to nanotechnoloc gy,y manyn ofthe featuresr that usersr craver can nowo be housed completely l encapsuled in the ear canal, thus removingo the final resistance for making a positivei decision.
Whether that is raising capital or finding a strategic or financial partner, selling a minority or a majority [stake] in their business, I found myself spending dozens and dozens and dozens of hours repeating pretty well the same things to different business owners and that's when I realised that there's a pattern here and that this pattern should be encapsuled in a book because it is, I believe, of general validity.
If you wanted the loss encapsuled in one sequence, that was it.
In a split-second blur that encapsuled the speed of United's counter- attacking menace two-goal Cole pounced to clinch a massive win over Newcastle that keeps alive their tilt at the Champions Cup, Premiership and FA Cup.